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Zone Watch AGM

Every year the Zone Watch program hosts an annual general meeting.

Zone Watch civilian members and officers collaborate to set an agenda of crime prevention and safety campaigns for the year.
This year Zone Watch is moving forward with four campaigns – one more than most years. Those campaigns include:

• Property crime, theft and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
• Drugs in the Community
• Impaired driving (alcohol and drug)
• Emergency versus non-Emergency calls
Last year Zone Watch tackled impaired driving, aggressive driving and CPTED.

With the AGM concluded, Zone Watch members will begin working with their Zone police officers to establish the best approach for their safety campaigns. The launch of these campaigns will take place throughout the year.


The Thunder Bay Police Service has created a community-based program which identifies current neighbourhood crime and safety issues and allows for practical solutions. The program creates a partnership between police and citizens.
The heart of Zone Watch is:

• A secure www.zonewatch.ca website which allow Zone Watch members to communicate with officers and each other on a variety of subjects including crime trends, crime prevention and enforcement efforts to make all our neighbourhoods safe.
• Monthly presentations to keep members informed on a variety of topics have been very popular.
• Meeting in committees led by Zone Primary Officers to create safety & crime prevention campaigns have been highly successful
• Volunteering at community events to work alongside the Zone Primary Officers have strengthen our relationship and engagement with the citizens of Thunder Bay.
Crime in our community is affected by a number of factors including social issues such as poverty, homelessness and substance abuse.

These underlying issues have created a considerably high volume of calls for service for the police to respond to.

The police are looking to the public and various organizations to come on board to help deal with the issues that are affecting us all.
This new online community based program will allow for interested parties to offer constructive input. The advantage of the Zone Watch program will be the ability for members to participate any time, day or night, whatever fits your schedule. In these busy times, Zone Watch will fit every

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