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Summer at Camp Loon

In July a group of Thunder Bay Police Service officers volunteered to take part in Camp Loon, a leadership and life-skills training camp for youth living in Ontario’s far north. The camp is an initiative by the Junior Canadian Rangers Program, who graciously allowed the officers to participate.

The local officers’ participation is part of the service’s ongoing efforts to engage with youth from the far north. While most youth participating in Camp Loon are not residents of Thunder Bay, this city is a service hub for the region and most Camp Loon participants do, or will eventually, visit the city regularly and may even continue their high school education here.

These ongoing engagement exercises give officers a chance to establish and build relationships with youth prior to their arrival in Thunder Bay. It gives youth of the Far North to better understand who our officers are beyond their uniforms, and gives some of our officers a chance to better understand the youth.

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