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Stefanie Knight – Thunder Bay’s 1st PLAYBOY PLAYMATE

Photography by: Ascension

Thunder Bay is known Canada-wide for many things, one being our women.  Tourists comment regularly on the beauty and hospitality they find in our city.  They find an attractive smile and a warm greeting in every local establishment they visit.  In Thunder Bay you find something that sets us apart from the rest of the country, real people.

Thunder Bay LIVE had a chance to catch up with Stefanie Knight – Thunder Bay’s 1st PLAYBOY PLAYMATE.

Photography by: Ascension

TBL:  When did you first start modelling?

Stefanie:  I first started modeling for local Thunder Bay photographers.  I was asked by one to shoot bikinis and dresses. Once I got in front of the camera I realized how much fun I had and how I wasn’t nervous what-so-ever.   At my first shoot I knew it was just the beginning.

TBL:  How did the Playboy shoot come about?  Were you nervous?

 Stefanie:  I always dreamed about being a Playmate!  I did a couple test shoots to practice, I sent in pictures and was called to go to a casting call in Montreal! I met a bunch of the Playmates and all the Playboy employees.  It went more amazing than I even imagined they announced I was their “best find ” at the casting! And shortly after that I was then booked for my very first nude Playboy shoot!  At my Playboy shoot I wasn’t nervous at all. I had a great time shooting, mainly when I’m nude it makes me feel extremely sexy.

Photography by: Ascension

TBL:  What was the reaction from friends and family? Were they supportive?

Stefanie:   My family knew I went to the casting for Playboy and knew I was going to get it without a doubt.   And once I told them I got it, my whole family couldn’t have been happier!   They knew my dreams were coming true.  But for my friends …   I would have to say I only had a handful of friends that stood-by my side. Others became ignorant and awkward.  Everyone in Thunder Bay have not been supportive and have treated me different than before!  I have been extremely disrespected  in my home town!  I am living my dream now and all that matters is I am doing what I want to do and have my family and best friends by my side supporting it!

TBL:  Wow … The support of friends and loved ones is a key ingredient to realizing your true potential.  Do you have some advice you would like to share with others on chasing their dreams?

Stefanie:   Some advice that I would give to others about chasing your dreams would be not to let anyone tell you your dreams are unrealistic, impossible or stupid.  If it’s something you want to do DO IT!  You will love the result. Don’t be worried about people disagreeing with you because once you make your own dreams come true the people who don’t have your back don’t matter anymore because you are too focused on how happy you finally are!

Photography by: Ascension

Thunder Bay LIVE will keep you updated on the blossoming career of Thunder Bay’s 1st Playboy Playmate – Stefanie Knight!

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