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Something remarkable has been happening on Tuesdays lately at Shelter House

Something remarkable has been happening on Tuesdays lately.
As part of the series of ongoing programming that has been introduced at Shelter House, one activity has been particularly and consistently popular with our residents. On each Tuesday they get to explore and express themselves through art, particularly painting and colouring exercises.
Tuesday is also the same day that we are joined by Sheryl from the Catholic Family Development Centre Thunder Bay. Sheryl offers counselling to anyone who might like to talk.

Residents were rather reluctant to take Sheryl up on the offer – until recently that is. Once Sheryl began to join us at the creative table, residents started to seek her out and have really opened up and shared their stories with her. Some days are light hearted and some days the topics get really deep and intense, but through this process they have the opportunity get it all out with support and guidance.

Of course, if they want to continue to talk to her privately afterwards, they still can.
Thank you so much Sheryl for helping our residents to heal through art.

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