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Parking crooked? Expect a ticket Now that we have your attention

Parking crooked? Expect a ticket!

Now that we have your attention: No, we are not announcing a parking-ticket blitz for people parked outside the lines in mall parking lots. We wanted to remind you that the number of Christmas shopping days is dwindling. Feeling stressed yet? It’s that 11th hour hustle that could make you forget the little things, and something like forgetting to lock your vehicle doors is a little thing that could have major consequences.

Theft from a vehicle is a crime of opportunity. Your valuables, including those final Christmas presents you just took care of, can be snatched up by a heartless Grinch in seconds. So please, protect your Christmas from the Grinches out there and take a moment to remind yourself to keep those doors locked and valuables out of sight.

Trust me, that story about how you wrestled three other parents to get the last “Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme” is much more entertaining if the toy is under the tree Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays!

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