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How to Control Your PC from Android (in 7 Minutes)

Read the full post: | Control your PC from Android, in just seven minutes! Join Adam as he shows you how to pair your PC with your Android device, wake your computer from sleep, mirror your desktop, move files, and even play Steam games from wherever you are in the world!

Topic covered:
-How to mirror your desktop on Android
-How to stream Steam games on Android
-How to control media on your PC with an Android device
-How to use Wake-on-LAN with an Android device
-How to set up WAN WoL (wide area network Wake-on-LAN) to wake your computer from a remote network

Apps/services used in the video:
-Splashtop (app):
-Splashtop (for PC):
-Remotr (app):
-Remotr (for PC):
-Unified Remote (app):
-Unified Remote (for PC):

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