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Best Stuff-A-Cruiser- Ever! The OPP Northwest Region confirms

Best. Stuff-A-Cruiser- Ever! 😮🚓😃

The OPP Northwest Region reported back the confirmed totals from this season’s Stuff-A-Cruiser, and can confirm it is Thunder Bay’s most successful ever. The event collected tonnes of food.

I mean literally 9.07-metric tonnes of food! 🚛🚛🚛 That’s 9,077 kilograms, or more than 20,000 pounds. Because you’re now curious, that equals to 1,429.38 stone.

The Stuff-A-Cruiser events in Thunder Bay also collected $5,836. The monetary and food donations are in support of the Regional Food Distributions Association.

A HUGE thank you the Stuff-A-Cruiser volunteers, which included sworn members, civilians and family members of the Thunder Bay Police Service. A thank you also goes out to the volunteers from the Crime Stoppers and Zone Watch programs.

🎉🎉Congratulations to our OPP friends and all the other law enforcement agencies who had representatives on hand for this season’s event.🎉🎉

And a mega thank you to all the people who graciously donated food and/ or money to this event. The wind chill ensured this year’s Stuff-A-Cruiser was as freezing one, but the donations kept rolling in and warmed our hearts and kept us smiling. This community’s giant heart again shines thru. ❤ ❤

As previously stated by one of our followers “It’s neighbours helping neighbours.”

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